Valve's Email to Jamppi Regarding his VAC Ban goes Public

Valve's Email to Jamppi Regarding his VAC Ban goes Public

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  • Valve's email to Jamppi regarding his VAC ban and eligibility to play in Majors goes public.

  • The email was sent by Valve to Jamppi in October 2019 responding to the youngster's query.

The 18-year-old youngster Elias “Jamppi” Oikkonen who recently sued Valve for more than €250,000 while also requesting that his lifelong ban from CS:GO Majors be lifted, wanted to sit down with Valve in Stockholm for arbitration, but this never saw the light of day as Valve did not respond to the request.

Recently, an old piece of information was made public related to the ongoing situation, which is an email sent by Valve to Jamppi in October 2019. The mail was sent in response to a query sent by Elias himself questioning his eligibility to play in the Majors.

The letter states that an investigation by Valve “has found a VAC banned account that we’ve concluded was under your control at the time of the ban. Therefore you are not eligible to participate at our events.”

Valve's Email to Jamppi Regarding his VAC Ban goes Public

The following incident took place last year in October after Jamppi had become a member of Counter-Strike Professional Players Association (CSPPA), following a missed opportunity to sign with OG.

Jamppi’s father had previously made it clear that “Primarily they want to talk it out with Valve representatives and reach an agreement on the whole situation. If this fails, only then the matter will be resolved by the court,” specifically highlighting the fact that damages incurred were not the main thing, but the lifting of the boy’s ban is very much important.

Though this information is old, it was only made public recently. From Valve’s response, it can be assessed that they are not interested in elaborating a lot on the situation, keeping their response short and straight to the point. The fact that they did not bother responding to an arbitration request also suggests that they might not be interested in entertaining such requests and seem to be quite firm on the decision taken by them.

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