Valve Might Pick the Next CS:GO Map From the Ones Featured in this Contest

Valve Might Pick the Next CS:GO Map From the Ones Featured in this Contest

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Cover And Thumbnail Image Courtesy: The WatOwl

Valve might be looking to add one or more new maps to CS:GO soon, as the $15,000 ‘Mapcore CS:GO Exotic Places Mapping Contest’ has come to an end. In the past Valve has picked up maps from this contest and added them to CS:GO like Abbey, Biome, and Studio.

Famous YouTuber TheWarOwl who makes content in and around CS:GO was one of the guest judges for the event, and has shared the final result of the competition along with complete details of how he scored all the submissions, in a recent video of his.

WarOwl stated that “Valve watches these contests and even gives special prizes to the winners, we are most likely picking the next official CS:GO map.” Labelling the following competition as “By far the most impressive mapping contest in Counter-Strike history.”

Surprisingly the top-four maps that WarOwl had picked, were all selected at the end in the same exact order. These short-listed maps are, de_jingshen, de_mutiny, de_chlorine, and de_anubis, in increasing order of ranking.

WarOwl spoke at length about the four maps, declaring de-anubis as the best map out of all in terms of overall quality, he described it as “the best-looking map,” and the only one which got a perfect score for its aesthetics.

“This was by far the fan favourite. When checking out the maps people were interested in, this was the one they all wanted to play. It stood out amongst the pack.”

On a personal level, however, WarOwl was not satisfied as according to him, every map had missed out one thing, which was to keep the way users play the game in mind when designing certain spots and corners.

“I don’t feel like any of these maps are ready to be a competitive CS:GO map, but don’t worry there is hope.”

He explained how Overpass and Cobblestone when they were first released, were unplayable, but now “Overpass is generally accepted as one of the best-designed maps, it feels good to play. There is hope, but there is a lot more work for these map makers to do.”

For now, let’s see if Valve takes an affinity towards any of the maps. Which map was your favourite?

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