Valve Finally Releases a Fix for the In-Game Stuttering Issue

Aditya Singh Rawat
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CS:GO developers have gone ahead and introduced a fix for the in-game stuttering issue via a 12 MB patch update released earlier today.

The update stated that “low-level shaders” had been refactored in order to fix the stuttering issue on “NVIDIA hardware when first rendering previously unseen content.” In addition to this, another “Speculative fix” had been tried by the developers to tackle the rarely occurring game crash that takes place at the end of a match.

After releasing the information about the following changes in the ‘pre-release notes’ of an earlier patch update, it looks like the fix worked well in the CS:GO Beta depot, which is why the fix was pushed within 24-hours to the public version of the game.

But despite the update coming through, while the developers looked confident about fixing the issue related to the in-game stutter, it looks like the fix for the match-end game crash might not be fully dependable as of now.

Let’s see how the community reacts after playing the game post the patch update. If all goes smoothly than CS:GO can ensue another surge in its userbase otherwise, we will witness all the quarantined Counter-Strike gamers take their frustration out on Reddit posts, trashing on CS:GO.

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