Valve Releases Patch that Might have Finally Fixed the In-Game Stuttering Issue

Valve Releases Patch that Might have Finally Fixed the In-Game Stuttering Issue

Aditya Singh Rawat
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CS:GO developers claim to have solved the issue related to in-game stuttering after the recent patch update that rolled out yesterday stated that “A build with a fix for some stuttering affecting NVIDIA users is now available in the CS:GO beta depot.”

CS:GO Beta depots allow the game’s developers to interact with the users and test changes before releasing it to the public version of the game. The fix that is mentioned above is available only in the CS:GO beta depot at the moment, and will shortly be released to the public.

CS:GO developer John McDonald further stated that “We are very confident that this addresses the stuttering behavior that NVIDIA users have been experiencing. They have been experiencing stutters up to 100 ms in some instances, which makes the game feel terrible.”

The in-game stuttering and sudden FPS drops have plagued the game for a few months now, though it does not seem to stop players from playing the game, it does hurt the regular userbase especially those playing the game competitively.

This is not the first step taken by the developers to solve the problem, but the previous changes have been rendered ineffective, as a matter of fact the developers were under so much pressure by the community that they gave the following tip to all the users,

“We recommend closing all apps that use GPU accelerated rendering (while playing), like Google Chrome.”

The changes introduced are being tested out at the moment, but it won’t be long before they are released to the public. Will Counter-Strike’s userbase see a surge in its numbers once again after the following changes are made public?

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