CS:GO Might be Ported over to the Source 2 Engine in the next few Months

CS:GO Might be Ported over to the Source 2 Engine in the next few Months

Aditya Singh Rawat
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It seems that CS:GO could be ported to the Source 2 engine within the next two months, according to a leak from Tyler McVicker who is the creator of Valve News Network. While streaming yesterday on Twitch waiting for Half-Life: Alyx to finish downloading, Tyler started answering a few questions that the chat asked him.

One person specifically asked him “When do you think that the Source 2 port of CS:GO is going to get released?” to which he replied that “CS:GO Source 2 should be released within the next two months.”

And if this wasn’t enough proof, even Nors3 has backed this claim saying that “It seems trustworthy because I heard from reliable sources,” though agreeing that the port is on its way he had his doubts with the release date adding that “BUT with Valve you can never be 100% confident with unofficial dates. Better multiply it by two.”

He pointed out to the fact that elements of Source 2 have already been introduced to CS:GO like the Panorama UI, explaining to everyone that “It's not totally a different engine compared to Source 1, it's like an updated version.”

All in all, this is great news for the CS:GO community who had demanded this ever since the release of Source 2 engine back in 2015. And though the game is still running quite smoothly and everyone seems to be enjoying it, with Riot Games VALORANT knocking at its door, Valve seems to have received the signal to finally make the move.

The port will however not been a smooth transition, as various changes are introduced more bugs and glitches will be noticed in-game, which will be taken care of in a year-long beta period as per the sources.

Some advantages associated with the port will be noticeable in the form of better graphics, physics, and rendering. Keeping the game mechanics as they are, while the game would more or less look the same, running more smoothly with less stuttering.

2020 seems to be the year for Counter-Strike, the game has been witnessing great growth since the release of Operation Shattered Web in November last year, achieving a record-breaking peak of 1.1 million concurrent players just a few days back, and now with speculations of the game porting over to the Source 2 engine, it could not get better for the veteran first-person shooter.

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