Zonic Reveals how Astralis Plan on Playing with a Six-Man Roster

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Zonic Reveals how Astralis Plan on Playing with a Six-Man Roster

Cover Image Courtesy: Astralis | Thumbnail Image Courtesy: Astralis Group

The Danish organization Astralis with the signing of Patrick “es3tag” Hansen established a permanent six-man roster yesterday, though they did provide us with a reason as to why they were implementing this change, there was no information regarding how they intend to continue playing with six players on their lineup. But today, Danny “Zonic” Sorensen gave a bit of an insight in regard to this saying that,

“We always try to come up with some new stuff and it is something new, it is for us as well, but it is something we agreed on is the right move.

I can definitely see some potential, Patrick will be an integral part of our playing style and our practise, and I think it will be ideal if one guy is finding it hard then Patrick can step in or something like that.”

But at the end of it all, he emphasized that at the moment the move was being made only “to ensure that people can last as long as possible and that they don’t have mental fatigue.”

With this zonic gave a bit of insight into what Astralis plans on down with Patrick, and the role he will be playing for the Danish side. Let’s see what this six-man roster translates into in the coming future.

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