CS:GO Talent Affected as Hotels Shutdown in Cologne due to Coronavirus Situation

Aditya Singh Rawat
Published On: 

Cover Image Courtesy: StarLadder | Thumbnail Image Courtesy: SPUNJ

With the coronavirus pandemic spreading throughout Europe at an accelerated rate, Germany which has been the fourth-worst affected European country is starting to close several of its services depending on the city. Amid this crisis Chad “SPUNJ” Burchill is sadly finding it hard to find suitable accommodation in the city of Cologne, where few talents of the currently on-going ESL Pro League Season 11: Europe have been stationed.

Earlier today he tweeted that he was “being booted out from another hotel in Cologne,” the reason for which could be related to the coronavirus outbreak. He went on to say that “By the looks of things. I think we are about to be homeless,” referring to the problematic accommodation situation all the talents in Cologne find themselves in.

A lot of people came forth with various suggestions, some saying that they could stay at the ESL offices located in the city, while a few others were happy to offer them a place to stay. Needless to say, ESL must be working on the situation but no formal statement has been made by them on the situation yet.

The current season of the Pro League has certainly been attracting a lot of eyeballs with the recently concluded match between Na’Vi and BIG raking in 350k+ peak viewers. With multiple upsets already being witnessed across the palette, let’s see what else is there in store for us.

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