S1mple Trash Talks Ayken while Playing FPL

S1mple Trash Talks Ayken while Playing FPL

Aditya Singh Rawat
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While both FLASHPOINT and ESL Pro League might be going on the real drama is actually taking place at FACEIT Pro League, where Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev and Bastian “ayken” Schendzielorz seem to be caught up in the middle of a lot of back-and-forth verbal exchange.

The Ukrainian superstar might be considered as one of the best players in the world but despite being immensely talented he is criticized a lot for his toxic behavior while playing in the FPL, and rightly so, as just a few days back while playing on Inferno he started to trash talk ayken calling him various things like stupid, the dumbest player ever, someone who always talks bullshit, a bot, and finally a player who is worse than an average pro player.

Ayken tried to reason with him, never talking back rudely during the whole ordeal while s1mple went on to say “I know it is sad to hear the truth but I think it is not your place to play CS.” After losing the game s1mple accepted his rude behavior saying that “I am very toxic, you (are a) very bad player.”

Everyone thought it was a one-time thing and that it would be the end of it, but they were wrong as yesterday during Ozgur “woxic” Eker’s stream the two were once again seen taking a shot at each other.

Woxic was one man short but ayken refused to play along with them, even after woxic promised him that s1mple would be kept in a different team from his. Ayken trying to turn down the invite said that he feels comfortable playing MM to which s1mple replied “better to stay there,” but not taking anything from him this time around Ayken retorted “yeah and you work on your behavior and we will have good games soon.”

S1mple has actually been quite rude towards Ayken who did not do anything to trouble the Na’Vi AWPer. It does not look like things are going to go down easy between these two anytime soon, but in all seriousness, s1mple does need to work on his behavior when it comes to playing online in the FPL.

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