Pokimane's Huge Mistake while Playing CS:GO costs her team the Victory

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Cover And Thumbnail Image Courtesy: Pokimane

Popular Twitch streamer Imane “Pokimane” Anys cannot get enough of CS:GO as she has continued streaming the game for quite some time now, and though she is slowly getting the hang of it, there is still a lot to improve upon. A perfect example of this was seen in a recent stream, where a huge mistake made by her resulted in a loss for her team, along with a frustrated Mohamad “m0E” Assad exiting the game.

Playing T-sided on Dust 2 Pokimane and co had to win the very last round in order to tie the game, opting to hit the B-site the very first mistake that the streamer made was forgetting to buy an armor despite having the money. She seemed to be panicking as she acknowledged that she did not know what weapon she threw and continued playing saying that, “I’m going to roll with it!”

After getting trapped inside ‘Upper Tunnels’ she was handed the C4 without any armor, realizing this the streamer shouted “I didn't buy armor! I have the bomb and NO ARMOR!" 

And soon after everything fell apart for the team, as at least four players ate a ‘nade to there face including Pokimane who took 70 damage from it, this was followed by her accidentally walking into a burning Molotov and dying instantly while trying to enter the site.

Another popular streamer m0E_tv who was playing in her party instantly quit the game, frustrated with the team and in particular his younger brother who was playing along with them.

The loss was not a very big deal, but Pokimane clearly felt bad about m0E quitting the game in frustration. To make up for it Pokimane tried to cheer him up by donating him 10 subs, to which he sarcastically replied “No Pokimane, don’t do that. Block me on all communications, I’m done playing forever!”

If we look at the clip again, it was not all Pokimane’s fault as the team was clearly having communication issues as they failed to inform her to buy armor, while being indecisive after halting at upper tunnels. This lead to everyone rushing blindly into the site and getting wrecked by the opposition.

The whole situation was not all that serious, and everything happened in the heat of the moment. Pokimane has been streaming quite a lot of CS:GO, learning and getting better at the game, while her viewers also seem to be enjoying along with her.

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