14 Year Old Russian CS:GO Prodigy Qualifies for FACEIT Pro League

14 Year Old Russian CS:GO Prodigy Qualifies for FACEIT Pro League

Aditya Singh Rawat
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It looks like there is another ‘s1mple’ in the making as a 14-year-old from Russia has just qualified for the FACEIT Pro League. Ilya “m0NESY” Osipov who is also a part of Natus Vincere Junior was awarded a place in FPL yesterday, after finishing 6th on the FPL CS:GO European Qualifier.

14 Year Old Russian CS:GO Prodigy Qualifies for FACEIT Pro League

Image Courtesy: Ilya Osipov

Finishing the first day of the qualifier on top of the qualifier leaderboard, m0NESY dropped down six places to finish 6th but was still invited to the FPL due to his brilliant performance. The youngster initially thanked everyone for their support saying that “I have not finished (qualified for FPL), I’m so sorry :(“

But he soon got the news of qualifying for the prestigious league that every amateur looking to turn pro wishes to compete in. He was clearly in disbelief of his achievement expressing his emotions by saying that "I am very happy now. I can’t believe that this happened."

The community is hailing the youngster as the ‘future s1mple’ as he is both, mighty talented and belongs to the CIS region as well. With more than 8,800 hours already invested in playing CS:GO, alongside 3,000 hours in Dota 2 and a little more than 400 hours in PUBG, the Russian prodigy has an exceptionally bright future if he continues to put in the same amount of effort for the next couple of years.

Already in Natus Vincere’s academy team, it is possible that the organization is grooming him for their main team and there might actually be a day when we will witness him playing alongside s1mple on the main stage.

ScreaM's younger brother Nabil "Nivera" Benrlitom who was recently signed by Team Heretics was one of the players trying to qualify for FPL, he ranked 4th on the leaderboards and hence could not qualify for FPL.

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