CS:GO Player Takes Possibly the Fastest Ace on Mirage

Aditya Singh Rawat
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CS:GO Player Takes Possibly the Fastest Ace on Mirage

Cover And Thumbnail Image Courtesy: u/zeppl1n

We have all come across a lot of brilliant aces either on YouTube, Twitch, Reddit, or for some of us who are really skilled even in-game, but this player here got one of the fastest aces ever, cleaning up the opposition on the back of a well-timed kobe.

Playing as CT on Mirage, the player ran towards ‘B’ winning the 12th round for his side single-handedly. Right after entering the site, the player threw an incendiary grenade and a HE grenade, followed by a kill with his M4A1-S. Little did he know that all the T-sided players would rush through the burning flame and run into the HE grenade that he had thrown earlier, granting him a lighting fast ace.

A confident approach by the player coupled with the two perfectly placed and timed grenades was the secret behind his fast-paced five-man kill. Have any of you come across an ace faster than this? or even better taken one yourself?

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