FURIA's CEO Points out how Travelling for the Pro League Might be an Issue For NA Teams

FURIA's CEO Points out how Travelling for the Pro League Might be an Issue For NA Teams

Aditya Singh Rawat
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It looks like not everyone is totally happy with ESL’s decision to conduct the ESL Pro League online in Europe, as FURIA’s CEO and Founder - Jaime Padua pointed out to the fact that  “Without the option to fly back home (due to Trump’s decision), NA CSGO teams should not travel to Europe only to play the EPL tournament.”

Though FURIA might be a Brazilian team, what Padua has pointed out certainly holds true. President Trump on Wednesday night announced that to control the spread of coronavirus, travel from Europe to the United States will be suspended for 30 days, beginning on Friday at midnight.

And though the restrictions will exempt American citizens and permanent legal residents and their families, there are many players from other parts of the world that play for multiple North American teams participating in this season of the ESL Pro League.

Hence, some of the players might not be able to return back along with their team after playing in the league as the restriction will take place from 14th March - 12th April.

While ESL might have canceled the group stage of ESL Pro League Season 11 from taking place in Malta to now being played online, the catch was that the dedicated servers would be hosted in Europe and hence all the teams from outside Europe would require to travel to the continent to play the first phase of the league.

In a concluding statement Padua said that "In my view, it would be rational if ESL suspends the league not only in favor of the NA athletes, but to preserve everyone."

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