CS:GO Players Execute a Mind-Blowing Five-Man Run Boost

Aditya Singh Rawat
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CS:GO Players Execute a Mind-Blowing Five-Man Run Boost

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A group of Russian players has pulled off something truly mind-boggling, which was unheard of until they released a video of themselves executing it. The CS:GO players executed the first-ever five-man run boost in the history of CS:GO, that too on Nuke, a map which is quite tough to play on. The user who uploaded the video has described this whole process of achieving the run-boost as a ‘World-Record’.

The video shows a few failed compilations of the players trying to perfect the run boost which they first try out on a private server, followed by executing it in a proper match. And though they face failure a few times, in the end, they are successful in pulling off a proper five-man run boost.

This is the first full-stack run boost that I have come across and was only possible because of the dynamics of the map. The players used the high rising structures to jump on top of each other, making a five-man stack and maintaining their balance as they ran from T-spawn from outside towards main.

The video came to an end with “to be continued…” appearing on the screen. So it might be possible that these Russian players might have tried some other things as well, which they will be revealing in the upcoming videos.

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