Pokimane Surprises Herself after Lucky Unboxing of her Favorite CS:GO Skin

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Cover Image Courtesy: Pokimanelol - Steam Community | Thumbnail Image Courtesy: Pokimanelol

Twitch Streamer Pokimane who tried her hands at CS:GO just a week back seems to have taken a liking to the game, as she took a crack at opening a few CS:GO cases yesterday while celebrating her six-year anniversary as a Twitch partner.

Pokimane targetted the recently released Shattered Web collection in a bid to obtain the beautiful Tec-9 Decimator, and although it took her a few cases to get her hands on the prized weapon, the effort paid off.

The streamer after opening some cases said that “I am an investigative journalist, I am showcasing a CS:GO Shattered Web scam,” as she pointed to a bunch of weapons she had obtained by opening the cases.

She went on to say that “I’m never buying a Shattered Web case ever again,” as she could not get her hands on the Tec-9 Decimator, followed by “Is it going to give me that skin? No.” But as soon as she said that, the next drop gave her the skin she had desired all along, that too with ‘StatTrak’ and in a possible ‘Factory New’ condition.

“Gaben’s watching me, he’s watching. I just said that [I will not get the skin], that’s what so insane. This is the only gun that I wanted from this because it’s my colors,” Pokimane exclaimed, happy to have received the skin. “Instant equip. I love it, so worth it ?— Shattered Web? Not a scam.”

Pokimane continued on, opening a few more cases and obtaining the rare MAC-10 Stalker as well, but no other skin could get her as excited as the Tec-9 Decimator that she had desired all along. Let’s see if the streamer continues to play more CS:GO now that she has the new skin equipped.

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