CEO of G2 Esports Teases Fnatic with Savage Banter

Aditya Singh Rawat
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CEO of G2 Esports Teases Fnatic with Savage Banter

Cover And Thumbnail Image Courtesy: Carlos - ocelote

Fnatic might have won their derby match against Dignitas to qualify for Europe Minor, but it still wasn’t enough to escape a sarcastic jab from Carlos “ocelote” Rodriguez Santiago - CEO of G2 Esports, who mocked Fnatic by saying that his son who is a huge fan of the team had improved his baseball game by watching them play these past few days, so he wanted to thank them "for teaching him how to throw so well.”

Ocelote taunted Fnatic after they lost to Dignitas on Vertigo despite taking the match into double overtime. Dignitas had mounted a great comeback and though Fnatic delayed their defeat by tying the score twice, it wasn’t enough for them to attain victory in the opening game.

They leveled the scores in the following map and proceeded to secure themselves the series by dominating Dignitas on Overpass, which was also the deciding map. With this victory, Fnatic secured themselves a slot in the European Minors while Dignitas move down to the lower bracket.

The banter was heavily appreciated by the community who enjoyed the sarcasm and certainly felt the impact of that blow. Even Fnatic might have felt the burn on that one, as they seemed to have shifted gears in their last two games, giving a fitting reply to that brutal tweet.

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