Former Brazilian CS:GO pro shAy Sentenced to 116 Years in Prison for Embezzlement

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Former Brazilian CS:GO pro shAy Sentenced to 116 Years in Prison for Embezzlement

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Former female Brazilian CS:GO player Shayene “shAy” Victorio has been reportedly sentenced to 116 years in prison while also being fined after being convicted of embezzlement. The charges against the pro gamer turned influencer is related to a business she ran from 2013-2017 along with her ex-husband, according to reports by a Brazilian website.

Around 118 people had complained to the Public Ministry of the State of Sao Paulo (MPSP) of being duped by an online retail store after they failed to receive the delivery of their purchases. This online business being accused of larceny was being run by Shay Victorio.

The accused has the right to appeal against this sentence and has already released a statement in her defense to a Brazilian news site via her lawyer.

The statement read, “It was a problem of business administration and that after a questionable search and seizure, the company was unable to deliver products to a few consumers, we use few here as the company had more than 10,000 sales and deliveries.”

It further went on to state how Shayene has become the target of defamation on the internet “with people creating fake pages to attack her, simply for the purpose of gossip and malevolence,” it further read that they will appeal “against the sentence that we consider inhumane, awaiting a new decision.”

Through her Instagram account, she revealed to all her followers that she has not been arrested and is far from the fugitive that she is being accused of. Finally revealing that her ex-husband had taken full responsibilities of the crimes.

She concluded by saying that “I work with my image, I do live broadcasts daily, I am known in my field, I have a physical address. It does not fit in with what is being judged out there.”

Former Brazilian CS:GO pro shAy Sentenced to 116 Years in Prison for Embezzlement

Image Credit: Shayvictorio

ShAy who retired last year on 14th May has been playing Counter-Strike professionally since 2008, she has played for many popular teams like mibr Girls, paiN Girls, Team One RED, and most recently Keyd Stars Female. The ex-pro player has now turned into a streamer with about 30k followers on Twitch and an influencer with around 87k on Instagram.

As the Brazilian law states that a person can only be jailed for a maximum of 30 years irrespective of the severity of the crime, if in case shAy’s appeal is unsuccessful, she will be in jail till about 2050.

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