Moses Dunks on Thorin during Friendly Banter

Moses Dunks on Thorin during Friendly Banter

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Duncan “Thorin” Shields has been caught in the middle of a lot of Counter-Strike drama lately and not everything seems to be going his way. In one of his recent tweets, he was caught up in a bit of friendly banter with Jason “Moses” O’Toole related to how the real ‘tier 1’ talents in CS:GO were under-appreciated and ended up getting burned in the end by him.

The initial tweet from Thorin was directed towards how Reddit is never appreciating the real tier-one talent in CS:GO, as they only “love to ride a hype train” in order to promote someone for a short span. He then proceeded to name a few individuals like Anders, Semmler, Sadokist, Henry, etc, which led to both Moses and Christopher ‘MonteCristo’ Mykles to join in on the conversation.

Thorin trying to be cheeky with Moses said that “What duo are you in? Didn't see you anywhere last week :>”, but was in for a surprise when Moses hit him with a savage comeback saying that “How are you making jokes about missing events you can't even go to half the majors :> ??”

It is great to see such camaraderie between talent who are going to be working soon for FLASHPOINT. While Moses will be seen casting the matches, both Semmler and Thorin who have been an integral part of the project will be working as on-screen talents.

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