B-Site Qualifiers to Partially Avoid Clash with Rio Major Qualifiers

B-Site Qualifiers to Partially Avoid Clash with Rio Major Qualifiers

Aditya Singh Rawat
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As the Open Qualifiers for both B-Site and Rio Major were clashing with each other, Duncan “Thorin” Shields via a Tweet had said that “We are changing the dates (for B-Site) and everyone will be informed ASAP.” and as promised the rescheduling has been done, here are the changes.

The 1st and 4th Open Qualifier across all the three regions have been rescheduled for B-Site. While the first one now starts a day later, the fourth one will be ending a day earlier. Due to these changes, the 2nd and 4th Major Qualifiers for EU and NA do not clash with the schedule any longer.

However as the dates for the 2nd and 3rd Open Qualifier for B-Site haven’t been changed, the two will still be clashing with the 3rd Major qualifier for EU and NA. But B-Site “will welcome all teams who are eliminated on the first day of the ESL tournament.” according to a statement given by the tournament organizer to HLTV.

The South American qualifiers for the Major were always in the clear, but just to keep its own qualifiers aligned B-Site has extended the change to that region as well. Also, the Asian and CIS region will not be facing any difficulties as these regions have not been covered by B-site.

To check the updated B-Site qualifier schedule click HERE.

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