CS:GO Player Fox Suspended for Violent Comment Against a Woman

Aditya Singh Rawat
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A Portuguese CS:GO player Ricardo “fox” Pacheco who plays for a Spanish esports organization called Vodafone Giants, has been suspended by the organization as of 28th January for a whole month due to an offensive remark made by the player against his ex-teammate's girlfriend, saying that “if she were my wife I would have slapped her twice.” as reported by Time24.news.

Note: All translations in the article are credited to Time24.news and u/ppears.

During the Giants' match against Baecon Gaming last Sunday, Joao “KILLDREAM” Ferreira and his girlfriend engaged in trash talk during the game which they ended up winning. After the match in an interview, fox was seen disagreeing with the behaviour of the two individuals saying that,

“If we do the simple stuff correctly they won’t stand a chance, even if Killdream shouts the things he did yesterday. And his wife, if she were my wife, would take two slaps if she made those gestures."

In a statement released by the organization yesterday, they have decided to punish the player for his “macho comments” by cutting the players salary for a month while also suspending him for the same duration.

CS:GO Player Fox Suspended for Violent Comment Against a Woman

Image Credit: Vodafone Giants

Fox was quick to reflect upon his mistake as he took to Twitter, apologizing for his actions and stating that, “I was not a correct example last Sunday, there is no excuse. What I did is not done, it simply is not done.”

Due to the month-long suspension, he would not be able to participate in the upcoming European Minor Qualifier for ESL One: Rio 2020, the first Major of the year.

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