FalleN Responds to Semmler's Criticism Against MIBR

FalleN Responds to Semmler's Criticism Against MIBR

Aditya Singh Rawat
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The IGL of MIBR Gabrial “FalleN” Toledo has replied to Auguste “Semmler” Massonnat’s criticism of the Brazilian squad, as the renowned talent expressed his thoughts about the team's lacklustre performance on HLTV Confirmed by saying “(MIBR was) trying to be on life support, just trying to hang in there for as long as they can and (they) keep burning paychecks”.

FalleN who has a massive fan following worldwide was clearly not happy with the assertions made against the team's “will to grind” and that they were simply “burning paychecks”, taking to Twitter in a bid to respond to these statements.

“Easy to come with smack talk and say we lost hunger and that is why you don’t see us succeeding anymore. You have no idea how much we work and how much we invest ourselves on trying to be the best.”

He dismissed Semmler’s notion of “if the core of the team still has that (grind) or not”  by stating that

“Don’t ever put a question mark on how much effort we put in. 5 years out of the country, far from family, living and breathing the game the whole year.”

Though no proof was required to back this up Neil “NeiL_M” Murphy who is currently the coach of c0ntact Gaming, posted the following picture which shows MIBR’s scrim schedule from 31st Jan - 16th Feb.

Image Credit: Neil Murphy

It is quite evident that MIBR has not been living up to their usual standard, failing to qualify for IEM Katowice 2020 after losing to Cloud9 in the finals of the North American Qualifier, after a disappointing 2019.

FalleN seems to have acknowledged this fact, but the question mark put up against their "lack of practice" is what triggered him, as he made sure that his point reached across to the other side.

“If you don’t think we will succeed that is your opinion. I have huge respect for you and I’m a big fan of your work but this is commentary I usually read from mad fans after losing a bet.”

It will be interesting to see what MIBR has to offer as they go up against Liquid in the first round of BLAST Premier: Spring 2020 on 1st February.

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