ESL Senior VP Apologizes for Controversial Changes to the Pro League

Aditya Singh Rawat
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The Senior Vice President of Product for ESL, Ulrich Schulze has apologised for not conducting the process up to the desired standards, of informing the teams about their departure from the Pro League due to the recent large changes being announced for the league.

Ulrich as a part of his apology went on to reveal that ESL is working with CSPPA to frame a qualifying process so that any team can make it to Season 12 of the Pro League, “not only through MDL and in a way that ensures regional representation.”

Realising that ESL has not reached out to the affected teams, Ulrich said that they will be speaking with them later this week “to understand how we can preserve the value the EPL slot held for them.”

He focussed on the importance of both EPL and MDL, stating that all the affected teams have the option of competing there in the coming season.

“It is our clear intent to make sure that MDL remains and grows as a stable environment for teams to compete in below EPL.”

Reiterating what the ESL Pro Tour stands for and how it has been designed to give aspiring teams a chance to compete in top-tier tournaments, he concluded his apology by saying that

“We remain committed to making sure that over the broad spectrum of our activities as many teams as possible receive chances to compete at the highest level. We will release more details in the next days and will continue to provide updates and engage with everyone on this topic.”

ESL had previously announced their decision of cutting the teams down from 48 to 24 for the Pro League, followed by releasing an announcement of the participating teams without a solid confirmation coming through from multiple organizations. This along with multiple terms within the ‘Lanxess Agreement’ that went against Valve’s guidelines on ‘exclusivity’, which the participating teams had to sign, created a huge controversy.

ESL’s actions have already led multiple organizations, players, and talents to speak up against them. It will be really hard for them to earn back the lost trust, and with B Site on the verge of announcing their league as well, let’s see how quickly can ESL come up with a solution to make the most of this situation.

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