B Site to Host a Worldwide Online Qualifier says Thorin

B Site to Host a Worldwide Online Qualifier says Thorin

Aditya Singh Rawat
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The unannounced NA based CS:GO tournament ‘B Site’ seems to be planning a free online worldwide qualifier according to a video uploaded by Duncan “Thorin” Shields.

In the video, Thorin says that upon speaking to the “owners and the head management people”, they have managed to put on this qualifier which will have “worldwide implications”. The qualifier will give teams a chance to qualify for the B Site project, hence they have put additional money into the prize pool.

According to the Tweet in which the video is embedded, all this is being done due to the “disgraceful betrayal by ESL” which has left several teams and players without a slot in the Pro League.

Thorin concludes by saying that B Site in its own way is giving an opportunity to teams to qualify,

“So you guys have something to play for, some opportunity to go for, a league where you can play and actually do something with people that care about you and want to build this ecosystem.”

Though the league has not been announced yet, the talent lineup for the same was announced a few days back, with a lot of notable Counter-Strike personalities being a part of it.

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