FugLy Reveals how he was Ignored and Kept in the Dark by Team Envy

FugLy Reveals how he was Ignored and Kept in the Dark by Team Envy

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Team Envy announced the benching of Jacob “FugLy” Medina stating that he has been moved to the reserved roster as a ‘restricted free agent’, while also mentioning that additional roster shuffle information will be announced by their side soon enough.

FugLy had joined Envy last year in late March following which the team went on to play in IEM Chicago 2019 followed by DreamHack Masters Malmo 2019. But despite their attendance at the two tournaments, the organization did not have a good season, due to which several roster shuffles took place towards the end of the year, with the team now holding onto just two players in its active roster.

While the 25-year-old rifler has no problem with him being benched, the player is obviously upset over the fact of how it all went down between him and the organization, as he went on to post a TwitLonger message in which he discloses how he was kept in the dark for many months, had no contact with Envy, and his disappointment over the entire CS:GO lineup being run by one person alone, Noah “Nifty” Francis.

  • He goes on to disclose a lot of stuff about how things went down in Envy, starting all the way back in August when the team had reached its breaking point. While everyone felt that the best approach was to lay off Nifty, somehow he got to know what the players had in mind and instead cut Aran “Sonic” Groesbeek from the squad, without discussing it with anyone else.

  • While it was decided before between FugLy and Envy that the player would not be moving anywhere and will be playing from his home in Arizona. In September he was informed by Envy that he would need to move to Dallas, where the new facility had been made. FugLy simply asked for a raise above the minimal stipend amount in order for him to make the move.

  • After no response from Envy for nearly two months, the organization reached out to him on 9th December asking him to make the move or get kicked from the team. FugLy agreed to move, requesting a certain amount from the org in return.

  • Even Nifty reached out to him around the same time to discuss the future of the team, they came to a conclusion to cut Bradley “ANDROID” Fodor from the team, after discussions with Ryan “ryann” Welsh. But Nifty once again took the call on his own, as ANDROID was benched. It was around the same time that Zachary “Eley” Stauffer (Coach) and Taylor “Tailored” Broomall (CS:GO Manager) also departed Envy.

  • After the holidays on 8th January, FugLy contacted Envy who directed him to wait it out as they were finalising the team. He quickly got in touch with Nifty telling him that he as 100% ready to shift to Dallas, confirming with him that if the intended team was still him, Nifty, ryann, and 2 more, to which Nifty agreed. But then on 13th January, he came across an article about Calyx joining Envy, about which ryann knew and thought that FugLy was informed as well. Upon contacting Envy, FugLy got to know that he had been benched.

    “So all in all, I was jebaited for over a month, lied to, left on the backburner and after all that, it ends like this. Sucks but it is what it is, I felt I was still very naive even after the whole Sonic situation where everyone on the team knew it was fucked and it was not a team but one person making every decision for himself and no one else mattered, which the org is OK with. They want him running the show as Nifty and Envy are very close.”

Down to just two players, Envy are looking to get in some players from EU to bolster their new squad. Let’s see if Envy changes the way it operates, and do they find success with this new roster.

The current Envy lineup is as follows,

  • Noah “Nifty” Francis

  • Ryan “ryann” Welsh

  • Jacob “FugLy” Medina [Benched]

  • Bradley “ANDROID” Fodor [Benched]

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