CS:GO Enters 2020 Hitting a New Average Player Record

CS:GO Enters 2020 Hitting a New Average Player Record

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Even after more than seven years since its release CS:GO is making waves and breaking records. With the start of 2020, which many also believe to be the start of a new decade, the classic first-person shooter is attracting more average players than ever before, recording 461,408.2 average players in the last 30 days.

This is a new record for the game which continues to show an upward trajectory, after ending the previous year with an average player count of 456,701.6. This is the highest average player count recorded in a long time since back in Feb 2017 when the number crossed the 400,000 mark for the first time ever.

It is still not certain if the current year will continue on this same trend though, because even in the past after hitting 402,385.7 average players in Feb 2017, the numbers took a hit sustaining around 350,000 average players till March 2018, after which the game started to suffer till the end of the year.

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In a bid to revive the game, Valve made CS:GO free-to-play which reflected well in Dec 2018 and Jan 2019. Now, another jump was observed with the release of Operation Shattered Web, which introduced lots of new weapon skins, weekly and co-op missions, and never seen before new character models.

The impact of some good decisions taken by Valve is starting to bear fruits, it will be interesting to see what additional features are introduced through the course of the year and whether it helps increase or at least maintain this recently achieved average player count.

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