A $2 Million NA Based CS:GO League Might be Launching in March 2020

A $2 Million NA Based CS:GO League Might be Launching in March 2020

Aditya Singh Rawat
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According to a report by dbltap.com, a twelve-team CS:GO league based in North America is scheduled to launch in March. This North American league is speculated to consist of three minor tournaments which end with a LAN finale every season.

Multiple sources have stated that it will cost teams about $2 Million to enter this league, of which they will receive part ownership. The name of this league is rumoured to be “B Site”, but it might not be the final name.

Sources say that Cloud9 and Immortals Gaming Club, the owners of MIBR are the companies involved in the creation of this league. B Site Inc, incorporated in July will be the company running this league.

The format of this league as per speculations is that the league will feature a regular-season spanning a month, which will consist of three tournaments on LAN with a points-based system. The top eight teams at the end of these three tournaments will qualify for the finals.

The first final might be taking place in Europe, with the future final and regular season expected to alternate between North America and Europe with each subsequent season.

This league will not be restricting teams from playing in other tournaments or events, but there might be scheduling conflicts with ESL Pro League as a result of avoiding such conflicts with other circuits like ESL Pro Tour and BLAST Premier 2020, along with Valve-sponsored Majors.

B Site league will be hosting two seasons per year with a total prize pool of $2 Million, with each season having a million-dollar prize pool. The league will witness ten of the twelve teams pay $2 Million each to participate, with a revenue-sharing model in place. While the remaining two teams will make their way through a qualifier, they will be exempted from paying the entry fee but will also not be included in the revenue sharing model.

One source gave the following infographic to dbltap.com, showcasing revenue share numbers between ESL and B Site.

A $2 Million NA Based CS:GO League Might be Launching in March 2020

Image Credit: dbltap.com

According to both a source and this infographic, B Site will not be following the same revenue sharing model as ESL Pro League and BLAST Pro Series. Instead, B Site will be directly compensating the players with a starting revenue sharing number of roughly $1.04 Million.

There were speculations of Astralis being one of the twelve teams along with Cloud9 and MIBR, but Lukas “gla1ve” Rossander was quick to dismiss this.

Let’s see when this league gets announced. With BLAST Premier 2020 already announced along with some tournaments from ESL Pro Tour and the first Major of 2020, it seems like the coming calendar year is already getting a bit packed with teams starting to schedule for the year ahead.

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