Teams and Other Plans Announced for BLAST Premier 2020

Teams and Other Plans Announced for BLAST Premier 2020

Aditya Singh Rawat
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BLAST has announced details for its 2020 circuit which will be divided into two seasons while comprising of twelve partnered teams, all of it culminating with a prize of $1 Million for the Global Final Champions.

The twelve teams which have partnered with BLAST for its 2020 Premier tournament series are,

Teams and Other Plans Announced for BLAST Premier 2020

Image Credit: BLAST Pro Series

It looks as if most of the top-ranked teams in the world have partnered with BLAST to be a part of the 2020 circuit. Out of the top ten teams on the HLTV global rankings, Fnatic and mousesports are the only two teams that have not partnered with BLAST.

Complexity and OG CS:GO seem to be the only two teams that are not featured within the top 30 teams in the world according to HLTV, with Complexity ranking 49th on the leaderboard and OG yet to be ranked.

Nicolas Maurer, CEO of Team Vitality, on behalf of the twelve teams said,

“BLAST came to all of the teams with a proposition that is set to transform the industry. We believe the BLAST approach of producing best in class entertainment will continue to attract large new audiences as a global series in cool locations, innovative format and unique experiences. It was a no brainer to participate for all teams and players. We are excited to be competing against each other.”

Though these twelve teams have partnered with BLAST, they are not the only teams that will be competing in the BLAST circuit.

Robbie Douek, CEO of BLAST said,

“Our platform has entertained millions of esport fans around the globe. The new BLAST Premier format is even more engaging, fast paced and easy to consume. We are excited by the world class team lineup, and can't wait to kick off in January.”

The Fall season of the BLAST 2020 circuit is scheduled to start with a studio series in London scheduled to start in January 2020. According to BLAST, the studio series will be taking place in a central location in London, and the setup will bring fans the closest they have ever been to the players.

BLAST has also planned its coming Global Final in such a way so as to allow up-and-coming teams to potentially be a part of it, along with the partnered teams and best-performing teams from the entire year as well (eg Major Winners).

Other than this no other information about the two seasons, dates and location of the upcoming tournaments, or the format has been disclosed yet.

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