Sadokist Alleges that he was Undercut by Fellow CS:GO Talent

Sadokist Alleges that he was Undercut by Fellow CS:GO Talent

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Cover Image Courtesy: Twingalaxies | Thumbnail Image Courtesy: Fuse

Matthew “Sadokist” Trivett recently took to Twitter to inform everyone about how he got undercut by another tier-one talent for a certain job. He refrained from mentioning details about the job that was being offered, or any information about the talent that offered their services at a lower rate.

He followed this up with another tweet describing how he had turned down another opportunity for this one, but due to being undercut, he was left hanging in the middle as the previous offer was no longer available.

Image Credit: Sadokist

Sadokist went on to speak about a ‘booking deposit’, how in other industries the talent or person being booked would have been owed a certain amount as a booking deposit if in case they were to be replaced or dropped after being given a commitment. His tweet indicates that no such practice exists in esports and hence the employer could easily replace him without any penalty.

It is an absolute nightmare for freelance talents, who have to schedule their bookings months in advance. So any such changes or last-minute cancellations cost them dearly, leaving them without any work during that period and hence affecting their financial condition.

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