Mousesports defeats Fnatic to become the Champions of ESL Pro League Season 10 - Finals

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Mousesports defeats Fnatic to become the Champions of ESL Pro League Season 10 - Finals

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ESL Pro League Season 10 - Finals came to an end today in Odense, with mousesports walking away with a ‘3-0’ victory over Fnatic in the grand finals. The European mix made the finale look like a walk in the park for them, as they took down the Swedes in three straight games to walk away with a prize of $250,000.

Mousesports after wading through a lower bracket run in the group stage made its way through to the playoffs, where they faced a close ‘2-1’ victory over EG, winning the decider match on Nuke with a ‘16-0’ scoreline, after which the European mix had to undergo a drug test.

Following this mousesports went up against Astralis, the number one ranked team in the world. Another challenge through which they fought valiantly, despite facing a constant disadvantage because the crowd would give away their position showing bias towards their home team, going against the spirit and integrity of the game.

Finally, in the grand finals, they still faced one final boss fight against a hot Fnatic. But what most expected to be a close game, turned out to be quite a straight forward victory for mousesports, with Robin “ropz” Kool doing most of the heavy lifting for his side.

Ropz showed great consistency in the finals, top fragging for his side on all the maps and making sure that they cross the finish lines without any hiccups. The Estonian was in top form throughout the tournament, which translated into him being declared as the MVP of the tournament.

With an overall rating of 1.24 across 18 maps, the 19-year-old rifler won his maiden MVP award, missing out on it earlier last month when they won CS:GO Asia Championship 2019.

While many doubted that mousesports will be the champions of ESL Pro League Season 10 - Finals, despite winning CS:GO Asia Championship 2019 which lacked many of the top-ranked teams, they seemed to have shut them up for good, with an incredible performance in the tournament which consisted of all the big names in the global circuit.

With this victory, mousesports have also entered the race for Intel Grand Slam Season 3. Let’s see if they can take a lead against the other teams it is tied up against by securing a win in the upcoming tournaments.

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