Astralis Falters to Mousesports Despite Getting Help from the Crowd

Astralis Falters to Mousesports Despite Getting Help from the Crowd

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Mousesports after having claimed victory over EG in their quarterfinal match-up of ESL Pro League Season 10 - Finals, have gone ahead and taken down Astralis as well, to book themselves a slot in the finale where they will be going up against Fnatic.

Having had moved on from a drug test following their ‘16-0’ victory on Nuke against EG, the European mix was hit by a ‘biased crowd’, who were clearly helping Astralis on multiple occasions, by giving the Danish team hint of a player’s position.

It was a disheartening sight with all the talents present at the tournament asking the crowd not to go against the spirit of the game, and to let the teams fight it out on the back of their own abilities and hard work.

Chad “SPUNJ” Burchill took to Twitter saying “Yo Astralis fans in the arena, this is you right now. Stop ruining the integrity of the match.” He recalled something similar that had taken place during ESL One: New York 2019, where Astralis player, Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen had shown his disappointment towards the audience present, for helping out Liquid.

Not only him but even Jacob “Pimp” Winneche, requested the crowd to play it fair and maintain the integrity of the game.

After the end of game two, he addressed the crowd in Danish which roughly translates to,

“Listen now friends: I also hope Astralis wins, I hope it will be a good third map. But let us now be sure we are playing fair out there. There have been some audience members that maybe has given some information etc. Let us play fair. Mousesports has fought hard to get to this point so let us have the players decide the outcome of this match and have a really good match.”

A few users like u/iwantaparrot took to Reddit to recall a few remarks made by Astralis fans when they had been involved in the receiving end of a similar situation.

Astralis Falters to Mousesports Despite Getting Help from the Crowd

Image Credit: u/iwantaparrot

But being a gentleman that he is, dupreeh did not let the situation go unaddressed as he congratulated mousesports on their victory while requesting the crowd to keep it clean.

The Danish part roughly translates to,

“Thank you all for your support. Remember to keep a clean vibe so the game is not ruined. No one is interested in getting help! Sorry, we did not deliver the level we would like today! We did our best!”

But he did not stop there, as he goes on to state that “when the crowd goes excited every player in the server looks for flanks or uncleared positions. Not a single person on this planet would ignore it, and if someone says they will, they lie.”

In the end, it did not really matter how much help was provided to Astralis by the crowd as the Danes were taken care off by mousesports, who beat them on Dust 2 by a score of “16-14”. Let’s see if they can make it all the way through the finish line by defeating Fnatic, as the two teams face off tonight in the finals of ESL Pro League Season 10 - Finals.

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