Australian CS:GO Servers Facing Issues Since a Long Time Goes Unnoticed

Aditya Singh Rawat
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There have been a lot of complaints on Reddit by various users about the Australian CS:GO servers not working properly since the release of Operation Shattered Web, and the sad part is even after multiple posts there has been no update from Valve on the situation.

Multiple players across Australia have complained about in-game ping spikes, this unstable ping ranges from between 40-200 on an average. They have also complained about getting routed to SEA servers which are too far for them, which once again leads to high ping.

One of the users stated that they faced no issues when playing on the Australian community server, but as soon as they went for playing competitive the ping started to spike up to 120 ms.

Another player using a high-speed internet connection faced the same issue. Even after getting a download speed of 110 mb/s and a 6ms ping connection on their speed test, they noticed a constant ping of 80-100 ms, even when the game was hosted in his own state.

Australian CS:GO Servers Facing Issues Since a Long Time Goes Unnoticed

Image Credit: Steam Community

The disturbing thing here was that when a user checked the status page, nothing wrong showed up out there, which might have hinted towards there being an issue. Leading to further confusion as to whether Valve knows about the situation or not, as nothing official has been stated by them as of writing this article.

Finally, when u/_Drummer posted this on Reddit did the situation finally get the attention it required. The situation has reached such a point that the servers are truly unplayable with the following message being displayed, “Servers in Australia are experiencing high load.”

One of the players did come up with a probable solution to the problem, the user said the problem was likely on the server-side, going on to provide the fix, which according to the user seems to have done the trick for him.

It is not clear whether the above-provided solution works or not, but I would personally steer clear of it as not many users seemed to have tried it out. Let’s see how long before the situation is noticed by Valve, to push a fix and let the Australian community get back to competitive matchmaking on their own server.

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