StarLadder Releases Public Statement Responding to Allegations of Late Payments to CS:GO Talent

StarLadder Releases Public Statement Responding to Allegations of Late Payments to CS:GO Talent

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Soon after multiple talents spoke up about not being paid for their work, even after several months since the completion of their gig, by a particular tournament organizer, Richard Lewis in his podcast “By The Numbers” revealed that StarLadder was the unnamed tournament organizer behind all of it.

The news spread like a wildfire across all social media platforms, forcing a move out of StarLadder who made a statement via TwitLonger.

They considered all the stages of StarLadder Berlin Major 2019, from the Minors to the Major as one project. And that they are paying the talents what they are owed via a single transaction, for all the stages of the tournament.

“Usually, when we collaborate with talents all payments are made within 45-90 days from the date of the project completion.”

The reasoning behind this was given as the organizers themselves receiving sponsorships and other payments within 3-6 months from the completion of the tournament.

“As we all know, the Berlin Major ended on September 8. Most of the payments towards talents were completed in November, 2 months after the Major.”

They went on to say that the last of the payments owed to Spunj and Machine were made at the beginning of this week. Hence paying in full within three months since the end of the project.

Talking about the situation with Henry “HenryG” Greer, about him not receiving payment even after receiving information that the invoice had been taken care of in November, StarLadder said that,

“The transfer for HenryG was sent on November 8, but unfortunately, there was a delay in a correspondent bank. HenryG was aware of this situation, we provided all the documents confirming the payment, and also asked him to contact the bank and provide these documents in order to expedite a resolution to his situation.”

The Kyiv-based company in conclusion to its series of statements went ahead and clarified that all payments to CS:GO talents for StarSeries tournaments and StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 had been taken care of. This leaves out payments from StarSeries & i-League Season 8 which concluded on 27th October.

Hopefully, with this transparency brought forth by the organization, they will stay clean of further such allegations from talents, players or other entities.

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