KRIMZ sets Record for Taking Most Frags in Regulation in CS:GO LAN History

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Cover Image Courtesy: FNATIC | Thumbnail Image Courtesy: FNATIC

Fnatic’s star player Freddy “KRIMZ” Johansson wreaked havoc against the Brazilian lineup of MIBR on Dust 2, in their Group - A lower bracket elimination match of ESL Pro League Season 10 - Finals.

The Swede fragged left, right, and centre, securing a total of 47 kills, of which 44 came in regulation, setting the record for most kills in regulation in CS:GO LAN history.

The 25-year-old rifler was on fire, as he tried his level best, going the extra mile two folds over, to win the map for his side. But despite his heroic effort which definitely send shivers through the ranks of MIBR, the Swedes lost the map ‘19-16’.

Unstoppable is almost meaningless to describe the wrath that befell MIBR through the hands of KRIMZ, he displayed gameplay of unfathomable skill that made the opposition feel helplessly miserable. But while he broke their will, his team fell short on supporting his efforts, leading to a lost map, as MIBR held on by the tips of their fingers, slowly and gradually taking the map away from the Swedes.

The individual prowess displayed yesterday will surely go down in history as one of the most brilliant solo performances on LAN. Though Fnatic lost Dust 2, they came back to win the decider, eliminating MIBR from the Pro League and moving ahead to face 100Thieves in the lower bracket finals, the winner of which will qualify for the playoffs.

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