Valve Adds Halo Music Pack and Sticker Capsule to CS:GO

Valve Adds Halo Music Pack and Sticker Capsule to CS:GO

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Valve following up on the release of Shattered Web has gone ahead and hit the community with another surprise, as they announce the release of ‘Halo Sticker Capsule’ which is purchasable in-game.

Image Credit: CS:GO

But the cherry on top is that as a part of cross-promotion with 343 industries, the owners of the upcoming ‘Master Chief Collection’ on Steam will receive ‘The Master Chief Collection Music Kit’ after acquiring sufficient playtime in the game. The only thing is that the exact playtime required to attain this music kit has not been revealed as of now.

Apart from these two major announcements, some other changes that were also made in the update are,

  • Improved the process of depositing multiple items into a Storage Unit and retrieving multiple items.

  • Improved in-game performance by suspending several UI videos while in-game.

  • Some further visual enhancements were made on Cache so as to have a better read on the new character model skins.

  • A lot of changes were introduced to Studio as well,

    • Added radar callouts.
    • Increased bomb explosion radius from 500 to 600.
    • Reduced size of site B (Removed back stairs and adjusted site to new size).
    • Adjusted cover on A and B site.
    • Adjusted playable positions on Middle.
    • Improved clipping across the map to provide smoother gameplay.
    • Fixed community reported bomb stuck spots.
    • Removed some props to improve visuals and gameplay on A / B Entrances.
    • Increased lighting on Back of A.
    • Added paint to the back of A site boost to provide clearer visuals.

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