Zonic Releases His Book "The Brain Behind Astralis"

Zonic Releases His Book "The Brain Behind Astralis"

Aditya Singh Rawat
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One of the most respected Counter-Strike personalities in the world, currently serving as the head coach of Astralis, and a former professional CS 1.6 player himself, Danny “zonic” Sorensen announced the release of his book “Hjernen Bag Astralis” yesterday on 12th November.

The title which translates to “The Brain Behind Astralis” is currently only available in Danish with translations to other languages currently being worked upon. The book talks about zonic’s journey as a player and as a coach, while also touching upon the rapidly growing esports market.

The description of the book on the website ‘bog-ide.dk’ reads as follows,

“Join us behind the scenes at Astralis. We hear about their intense training, the huge cash prizes, internal strife, rivalries and power struggles in the rapidly growing e-sports market.”

The book follows zonic’s personal journey from his time as a child growing up in a suburb of Roskilde, Denmark, where computer games were his path away from a criminal career and later he struggled past other gamers, Danish scammers, Russian oligarchs and treacherous teammates to the world top spot that Astralis has today.

Not only that but he talks about his time as a trainer for Astralis, where he plays a key role in the development of a professional esports organization along side psychologists, dieticians, and physical therapists used to train an esports team in a similar manner to traditional sports.

Zonic also talks about the journey of how esports has gone from swampy internet cafes to a billion-dollar industry with sold-out arenas, fanatical audiences and hefty cash prizes.

The book is being published by People’s Press and has been written by a Danish journalist, Markus Bernsen. It is currently priced at 249.95 DKK (Danish Krone) or USD 36.82 can be purchased in a booklet format by clicking HERE.

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