CS:GO Enforces Strict Measures to Improve Transparency

CS:GO Enforces Strict Measures to Improve Transparency

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive came out with a blog yesterday titled “Keeping Things Transparent” which is a follow-up of their older blog “Keeping Things Competitive”.

The blog which was released yesterday started off with disclosing what the teams and tournament organizers felt about ‘Shared Ownership’. According to them, “Business of leagues (specifically, shared ownership of leagues between TOs and teams) does not create new conflicts of interest, because similar arrangements have existed in the past and those conflicts of interest are not significant.”

But the CS:GO team disagrees with what they have to say, stating that, “We can point to clear cases where relationships between teams and TOs have generated distrust in the community.” Following it up by saying that more data needs to be collected and that more transparency is required so that the conflict of interest can be properly evaluated.

Mentioning the two points the CS:GO team has gone on to instil the following rule,

“For 2020, teams and players registering for the Majors will be required to publicly disclose their business relationships with other participants and/or the tournament organizer so that public conversations can be had about the value that leagues and other entanglements offer versus the risk that they pose.”

This is a serious step taken forward by the developers as they have warned that the failure to provide these details will result in disqualification.

The developers who don’t seem to communicate much have gone ahead and given their clear view on the topic, while also coming up with a rule to improve transparency and community engagement. The developers go on to say that they have no intention of adding any further requirements of any kind for participation in 2020 Major Championships.

Are you satisfied with the steps taken to resolve the issue? What is your take on the whole situation?

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