Astralis stomp FaZe '16-0', '16-2' to qualify for the Finals of IEM Beijing 2019

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Following the victory of 100Thieves in the first semifinal, Astralis also secured themselves a place in the finale after defeating FaZe Clan without any problems, as IEM Beijing 2019 witnessed its first ‘16-0’ whitewash.

Astralis - The Indomitable Force

Dust 2
Astralis - 16
FaZe Clan - 0
Astralis - 16
FaZe Clan - 2

The Danes were all too well prepared to take on FaZe, despite going up against them on their map pick Dust 2, Astralis were ruthless in their approach. Not only were they aggressive and extremely confident but they broke their game down so well, that it seemed as if they were playing against a tier two opponent.

Taking a ‘16-0’ victory against a team which has some serious firepower and that too in a semifinal match is monstrous. Dupreeh was unstoppable registering an overall rating of 2.25 along with 22 frags to his name, as everyone stepped up their game big time to washout FaZe with nothing on the scoreboard.

Already under tremendous pressure, FaZe had little to work with as they went up against Astralis on Nuke, a map on which they had outplayed 100Thieves pretty well yesterday. But everything took a backseat once Astralis had an eleven round lead at the halftime mark, from there on it was easy tiding for the Danes who gave away just two rounds before securing the map.

With this Astralis go on to face 100Thieves in the grand finals tomorrow as FaZe are left shell shocked to reel with the disappointment that just befell them here in Beijing. The star-studded line-up could only muster a total of two rounds across two games, and this just shows how good of a team Astralis is and how brilliantly they break down their opposition.

Let’s see if Astralis can slaughter 100Thieves the same way tomorrow or do the newcomers know how to sustain this brutal combination of brains and brawl.

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