Estonian CS:GO pro receives Military Draft for compulsory service ahead of him turning 20

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Robin ‘ropz’ Kool received a document from the Estonian military which he shared on his Instagram story a few hours back. The document was in Estonian with a few parts blurred out for confidentiality and seems to be conveying a request by the Defense Resources Board (KRA) to join his designated army unit.

Estonian CS:GO pro receives Military Draft for compulsory service ahead of him turning 20

Image Courtesy: Ropzicle

The Constitution of the Republic of Estonia foresees compulsory military service in the Defence Forces for all physically and mentally healthy citizens. The duration of this compulsory military service is 8 or 11 months, depending on various factors.

If a citizen fails to respond to the draft notice sent to them by the KRA, they are penalised for misdemeanour. The fine can go up to a maximum of 1,200 euros every time the person chooses to ignore the draft, paying up a total of around 3,600 euros annually till they reach 28 years of age.

Many successful businessman and athletes from the country often just pay the fine and refuse to go through the compulsory military service.

The young CS:GO rifler who is known for his great lurking capabilities, currently playing for an esports organization mousesports, has had a successful career until now. But the decision to take up military training might be too long of a break for him from the competitive counter-strike circuit, which might also tend to be a problem for the German organization.

Let’s see what ropz has in mind as he turns 20 on 22nd December, which is the minimum age for being called to perform the compulsory military service.

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