StarLadder fires judge who leaked private information about Na'Vi

StarLadder fires judge who leaked private information about Na'Vi

Aditya Singh Rawat
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A person working as a judge in the currently on-going StarSeries & i-League Season 8 has been fired by StarLadder after the judge leaked information about what Na’Vi’s players were up to in-between the rounds.

While most of the CIS community are voicing their opinion as this being a punishment too harsh, the judge seems to have accepted it as being his own fault, while confirming that he had actually violated his contract and that he should have been more thoughtful before speaking.

The following public apology was made by him (credits: u/TheUHO),

“It was unprofessional, unethical and thoughtlessly. I absolutely shouldn't made this public and I betrayed Na'Vi by making this public.

I liked being a ref. I wanted to build Esports. I wanted to tell about it as it became a huge part of my life. And there are still so many people who know so little about it.

For once, I fucked up, I should be more thoughtful. And I got my punishment. I want to thank everyone I've been working with. It was a pleasure to work and learn new things with you.

Think before you act.”

He also brought this same apology to Egor "flamie" Vasilev in person, asking him to translate it to everyone in Na’Vi.

The incident being talked about in the article took place two days back, where the judge who is now fired, posted his thoughts online about what was going on in Na’Vi’s side while the match was still being played.

StarLadder fires judge who leaked private information about Na'Vi

A rough translation of the original post was provided by u/TheUHO

“S1mple is responsible for morale, and he is angry at his teammates. Everyone else is afraid to stop him (imho). GuardiaN is tilted can't kill anyone, it's a vicious circle.

At rd 6-7 s1mple regained his morale. Blade called for pauses and asked BOOMbI4 to act as a leader, not a player. Interesting. Haven't seen NA'Vi for a while.”

This led to many questioning the judge for his actions, saying that it was really unprofessional of him to do such a thing, that leaking of private information is not acceptable especially by a judge whose job is to keep everything in check.

StarLadder has definitely heard what the community had to say, going ahead and taking action against the accused.

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