OG rumoured to step into competitive Counter-Strike with an all European roster

OG rumoured to step into competitive Counter-Strike with an all European roster

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Cover Image Courtesy: DreamHack, Adela Sznajder | Thumbnail Image Courtesy: Gamepedia

According to the French website 1pv, top Dota 2 organisation OG is planning to step into competitive Counter-Strike with an all European line-up.

The supposed roster is as follows,

  • Nathan 'NBK' Schmitt

  • Aleksi 'Aleksib' Virolainen

  • Valdemar 'Valde' Bjorn Vangsa

  • Issa 'ISSAA' Murad

  • Elias 'Jamppi' Olkkonen

The organisation that has already established itself in one of the highest-earning esport title, Dota 2, by becoming the back-to-back TI champions, is now stepping into another iconic and massively popular esport title, CS:GO.

Following in Evil Geniuses footsteps who recently acquired the entire NRG line-up, the European organisation is stepping into the scene at exactly the right moment, when almost all the top European organisations have undergone changes and are starting afresh.

The availability of players along with the introduction of a proper structure to Counter-Strike by ESL and BLAST are other advantages that make this the perfect time for the organisation to step into Counter-Strike, as it has the liberty to choose from quite a few talented and experienced players, while also having a standardised calendar year and a more secure circuit.

NBK is an excellent pick by OG, the player who was recently benched by Vitality will be looking to exact revenge with the French organisation. While Aleksib will be the perfect IGL for the new squad, as he has the experience to take a team to the upper echelons of Counter-Strike from the very beginning. The two along with Valde, ISSAA and Jamppi will make for a great opening line-up

OG will be looking to recreate something similar to what the team has achieved in Dota 2, as the reports by 1pv further go on to suggest that the organization has already secured a slot for itself in both the ESL and BLAST circuits, starting next year.

Note: For now no official announcement has been made by the organisation or any of the above-mentioned players.

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