Evil Geniuses takes down Astralis 2-0 at ESL One: New York 2019

Evil Geniuses takes down Astralis 2-0 at ESL One: New York 2019

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Cover Image Courtesy: ESL Counter-Strike | Thumbnail Image Courtesy: Evil Geniuses

  • EG beats Astralis '2-0' at ESL One New York.
  • With this, the team remains undefeated going into the playoffs.
  • Brehze top frags for his side.

The second day of ESL One: New York 2019 witnessed the newly formed Evil Geniuses taking down Astralis with a clean ‘2-0’ victory, as they booked themselves a slot in the playoffs.

Tarik and boys had to fight tooth-and-nail to make their way through to the playoffs undefeated.

Dust 2
EG - 16
Astralis - 14

Facing Astralis on Dust 2 the NA side were confident on their map pick as they went on to secure victory after some great clutch plays towards the ending of the game. Both Brehze and CeRq were on the money as they went on to post impressive ratings of 1.46 and 1.20 (Source HLTV), respectively.

EG - 16
Astralis - 12

Facing a defeat, Astralis was still confident of a comeback as the second match on Inferno started. They did win the pistol round but EG held down the sites and restricted the opposition quite well.

Already in the lead, EG went on to pick up the pace as they slowly but surely crept their way towards the finish line and won by a score of ‘16-12’.

With this EG become the second team to make it through to the playoffs, and it was because of a big contribution by Brehze, who was the top fragger today against one of the most technically sound teams in the history of Counter-Strike.

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