Magisk responds to question about Astralis roster shuffle

Magisk responds to question about Astralis roster shuffle

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After a dominant 2018 for Astralis and a fairly good start to 2019 with a victory at IEM Katowice, the team hit a bit of a rough patch before bouncing back to win the StarLadder Berlin Major. In a short 3-minute video interview with Gamerbase, Emil ‘Magisk’ Reif mentioned that despite experiencing a rough few months, roster changes have never really been a topic of discussion or even an idea that came up within the team.

He goes on to state that its easier to think about quitting the project and giving up or changing a player, but that’s not the mentality that anyone on the team has.

He elaborates by saying that all of Astralis’ players know how to improve both individually and as a team. Magisk also mentions that he thinks that the current roster is a good mix of people outside the game that are always having fun and enjoying each others’ company, something that’s important for a team that wants to stick together and be good inside the game as well.

The interview also includes his thoughts about picking Vertigo versus Team Liquid and his opinions about NRG and CR4ZY being tough opponents to face in the Champions Stage of the StarLadder Berlin Major. You can watch the full interview with Gamerbase below.

With their recent victory in Berlin, Astralis is now the team with the most majors won in CS:GO history, and is the first organization to have won three majors in a row. Magisk is the latest addition to the team and has been part of its roster since February 2018

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