Luminosity Gaming releases Counter-Strike roster

Luminosity Gaming releases Counter-Strike roster

Aditya Singh Rawat
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The Canadian organization, Luminosity, who were on the verge of multiple player transfers with a few changes already taking place in the form of Henrique ‘HEN1’ Teles being benched followed by Felipe ‘skullz’ Medeiros being loaned from W7M Gaming, have suddenly pulled the plug on the whole transformation project as they have decided to part ways with its Counter-Strike lineup.

Now without a Counter-Strike roster, Luminosity passed on the EPL and ECS spots to the players. The loaned players are still tied to the organization while the rest of the players including the coach and HEN1 are all released from their respective contracts.

Rafael ‘Zakk’ Fernandes, Head Coach for Luminosity, via TwitLonger made the following statement,

“Steve @SteveMaida phone call came yesterday when he talked about the reasons for @Luminosity's new positioning in the gaming market - and we are letting LG make the announcements.”

With regard to the ESL Pro League slot, the coach seemed to be positive about the slots being kept by the players and it looks as if they want to compete together,

“Even though 3 of us are free agent right now, it feels like a great opportunity. We finally have the lineup that we want and the teamplay has being perfect.

We are proud to announce that we are taking ESL Pro League spots for us. Skullz and felps were on loan and are benched on their respective teams, which means we are ready and motivated to kick some ass!

We are open for negotiation!”

Luminosity Gaming has made no official statement regarding what they have planned for the future and whether they would be returning to Counter-Strike again or not.

The ex-Luminosity roster looked as follows:

  • Lucas “steel” Lopez

  • Gabriel "NEKIZ" Schenato

  • Ricardo "boltz" Prass

  • João "felps" Vasconcellos (On Loan From MIBR)

  • Felipe "skullz" Medeiros (On Loan From W7M)

  • Rafael "zakk" Fernandes (Coach)

  • Henrique “HEN1” Teles (Free Agent)

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