Astralis are the champions of StarLadder Berlin Major 2019

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Astralis are the champions of StarLadder Berlin Major 2019

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The grand finale between the CIS dark horse, AVANGAR and the Danish giants, Astralis came to an end rather too quickly as Astralis made short work of the opposition to go ahead and win their third Major title in a row and fourth overall.

Astalis now stands tall as the undisputed champion of counter-strike, achieving something that has never been done before in the history of Counter-Strike.

Danes Conquer In Berlin

Astralis - 16

After having picked Vertigo against Liquid and Overpass against NRG, Astralis went on to pick Inferno. And it turned out to be a lucrative pick, as the Danes went on to win twelve rounds in the first half playing T-side.

AVANGAR did start off the second half strong and it looked as if they were ready to mount a serious comeback but as soon as the thought crossed anyone’s mind, Astralis struck back hard and secured the map in a jiffy.

Dust 2
Astralis - 16

A map down but playing on their own pick, Dust 2, AVANGAR still hadn’t lost hope. But they were soon scrabbling for success as Astralis shut them hard, defending the sites with both smarts and a deadly aim.

The Kazakh side found it extremely hard to find an opening and though their two-man split on A-site did work wonders for them, AVANGAR did not opt to stick to it. With the pressure climbing on them, AVNAGAR started to restrict their movement on the map, which was a great advantage for Astralis in the middle giving Magisk, Xyp9x and Gla1ve ample time and space to flank them continually.

It wasn’t a long drawn stand as AVANGAR fell short a long way off, as Astralis claimed the map and with it were crowned as the champions of Berlin.

It was device, the birthday boy, who was the man of the hour, leading Astralis from the front, top fragging for his side on both the maps and miles ahead of its team members in terms of K-D difference. But overall every player had his contributions and everyone had an impact in equal measures.

Gla1ve had a lot to say in the post-match interview and it showed the frustration that Astralis were under, being doubted all this while.

With four majors under their belt, Astralis now have the most majors won by any team in the history of Counter-Strike and can actually be labelled as ‘The Most Successful Team In The History Of Counter-Strike.'

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