Stewie2k's steam account hacked a day before facing Astralis

Stewie2k's steam account hacked a day before facing Astralis

Aditya Singh Rawat
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One day before Team Liquid’s champions stage match-up against Astralis, Jake ’Stewie2k’ Yip’s steam account got hacked which resulted in a loss of some expensive weapon skins.

While teams were scrimming and practising hard for the upcoming champion stage, Stewie2k was busy trying to login to his steam account which had been seized by a hacker, who had completely locked him out of his ID.

After trying out several ways of getting access to his account, Jake turned to Twitter asking for help. Steam support was quick to resolve the issue and give Stewie2k access to his steam account.

Though accessibility had been restored and the account had been secured, it came at a cost as weapon skins worth thousands of dollars were reported to be missing from the player's inventory.

Jake was seen thanking the Steam Support for quickly resolving the matter and did not get sour as he took a jibe at the hacker, “Hats off for the hacker, dedicated your life for these things….got what you want.”

Without letting the foul situation get the better of him, the star player for the NA side seems to be calm and collected with utmost focus on their match-up against Astralis. Stay tuned as the two giants of Counter-Strike go up against each other in a few hours.

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