AVANGAR take down Vitality to secure a spot in the semifinals of StarLadder Berlin Major 2019

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Cover Image Courtesy: StarLadder | Thumbnail Image Courtesy: AVANGAR

AVANGAR have done the impossible. With all the odds stacked against them, AVANGAR has gone on to beat Vitality in a hard-fought best-of-three.

Jame Time For AVANGAR

The Kazakh team followed in the footsteps of Renegades as they beat their French opposition on their own map, Mirage, by a score of ‘16-9’. It was in the second half that the fate of the game was decided, as AVNAGAR playing T-side went on an eight-match streak to seal the deal and struck victory on the very first map, putting a lot of pressure on Vitality.

Vitality - 9

But the French replied in full as they struck back on Inferno to settle the score and even out the playing field. ZywOo responded perfectly in the need of the hour, as he carried Vitality to a decider on Dust 2.

Vitality - 16
AVANGAR take down Vitality to secure a spot in the semifinals of StarLadder Berlin Major 2019

Image Credit: HLTV

The final game on Dust 2 was a complete shutdown of the French squad as AVANGAR ensured themselves a massive lead in the first half and backed it up well by snatching rounds every now and then in the following half. Vitality did show signs of a comeback, but it was indeed ‘Jame Time’ as he repeatedly shut them down in crucial moments to take his side into the semifinals.

Dust II
Vitality - 10

With this, AVANGAR secures themselves a slot in the semifinals, something that no one had expected would happen even in their wildest imagination. It will be great to see this Kazakh squad in action once again.

Stay tuned as we witness two more teams securing themselves a slot in the semifinals tomorrow.

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