Freakazoid teases his return back to professional Counter-Strike

Aditya Singh Rawat
Published On: 04 Sep 2019, 09:06 AM

Cover Image Courtesy: Redbull | Thumbnail Image Courtesy: DreamHack

Ryan ‘freakazoid’ Abadir recently took to Twitter, teasing his return to professional Counter-Strike. The 26-year old rifler who is a former Cloud9 player has been out of action for quite some time now and is supposedly marking his return to the global circuit.

Since his departure from Cloud9 back in May 2016, he has gone on to play for teams such as Echo Fox and Muffin Lightning. Thereafter he started playing with an orgless team called ‘Swole Patrol’ which was built around him but couldn’t win anything big or break into the international circuit.

Recently he was spotted playing along with Ghost Gaming until June 2019 when the organization decided to part ways with its entire Counter-Strike roster. Without a team since the past two months and not having played at the tier-one international level since the past three years, freakazoid seems to have had quite the rest.

But now with Complexity, FaZe, and 100Thieves all actively looking for players and the shuffle season dawning upon everyone as soon as the Berlin Major concludes, there just might be a place for freakazoid who has enough experience having had the opportunity to play alongside players like Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek, Jordan ‘n0thing’ Gilbert, Sean ‘seang@res’ Gares, and Tyler ‘Skadoodle’ Latham.

Also, there is a chance of witnessing a comeback by the former Cloud9 roster, which n0thing teased about in a recent stream of his.

“Okay so we have a WhatsApp group with me, Skadoodle, shroud, Sean, and freakazoid in it and we’re waiting for another online event to happen. We’re gonna play in it if our schedule permits.”

Let’s see if he was just messing around or is he actually looking for a team. With players like Marcelo ‘coldzera’ David, Aleksi ‘Aleksib’ Virolainen and Robin ‘flusha’ Ronnquist up for grabs, it is going to be a hectic and a big transfer season.

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