WESA to conduct independent review of allegations against NiP

WESA to conduct independent review of allegations against NiP

Aditya Singh Rawat
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In some recent developments over the Fifflaren vs NiP case, World Esports Association (WESA) has officially stepped in and is taking matters into its own hands, by conducting their very own investigation against all the claims put up by Fifflaren along with other former NiP players and staff members against the organization and specifically its current CEO Hicham Chahine.

WESA has launched an investigation into the matter and has mandated Mr Ian Smith, sports lawyer and Commissioner of the Esports Integrity Coalition (ESIC), to get involved in the case, conducting thorough and independent research, while coming up with a review of the whole situation by the end of this month. 

NiP seems to have agreed to this investigation and has agreed to give Mr Smith total access to all of its documentation and such to conduct the review without facing any sort of problems. After the conclusion of this investigation, the review will be made public.

WESA has stated that it will not be talking about this matter while the matter is under investigation. While also asking anyone with any sort of relevant information regarding the whole situation to get in touch with Mr Smith at ian@esic.gg.

To know what went NiP is being accused of do read the following articles,

Let's wait and see what the review has to say at the end of this month.

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