FACEIT officially sets up shop in Mongolia

Aditya Singh Rawat
Published On: 

Cover Image Courtesy: META

Mongolian Counter-Strike players will be really pleased as FACEIT has officially marked its presence in the country. They have stepped into Mongolia by establishing a dedicated server, so now the Mongolian players can go and try out the platform for free.

The platform that is greatly respected worldwide because of the professional and clean environment it provides along with a rigid anti-cheat system will be a great boost to the region. Local players will also be able to participate in the Mongolian version of the FPL (FACEIT Pro League), which is a great place to generate and find talented, young players.

The Mongolian FPL will divide the players on the platform into three separate categories.

Silver Division: Level 1-6

Gold Division: Level 7-10

Pro Division: Invite Only

Every division will have its own rewards and benefits, for those players who stay on top of their respective leaderboards. The first season of the division has already started yesterday and will conclude on 1st September.

Interested players can go ahead and join the host page to join the platform and take part in the competition by clicking HERE.

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