Top Five Highest-Earning Indian CS2 Players

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Top Five Highest-Earning Indian CS2 Players


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Bhavi clinched first place finish at BLAST The Draft: Season 1, securing $4,000 in prize money, contributing to his overall earnings.
R2B2's strategic prowess shines, securing second in Skyesports Grand Slam 2024 with $2,500 in prize money.
Elvis excels across multiple titles, highlighted by a 3rd-4th finish at Skyesports Masters 2023.

The Indian CS2 (Counter-Strike 2) scene is not just about the earnings, it is also about achievements, consistency, and impact. Here, we explore the top five highest-earning Indian CS2 players, highlighting their notable achievements that underscore their positions in the esports realm.

Through their remarkable achievements and contributions, these top five players underscore India's growing presence in the global esports scene and inspire the next generation of gamers.

Top Five Highest-Earning Indian CS2 Players in Prize Money Earnings

1. Bhavesh "Bhavi" Sejwani

Bhavesh "Bhavi" Sejwani stands atop the Indian CS2 earnings leaderboard with a total earning of $8,069.71 from the title.

Beyond the numbers, Bhavi's journey through the esports landscape reveals a path marked by significant milestones. His most notable achievements include a 1st place finish at BLAST The Draft: Season 1 in 2024, bagging $4,000, followed by a 2nd place in Skyesports Grand Slam 2024 which added $2,500 to his earnings.

Another remarkable accomplishment was his 3rd-4th place at Skyesports Masters 2023 in CS:GO, contributing significantly to his overall earnings with a prize of $5,267.85.

Bhavi's consistent performance and ability to excel in major tournaments have solidified his reputation and earning potential in the competitive CS2 scene.

2. Rahul "R2B2" Banerjee

Rahul "R2B2" Banerjee, with CS2 earnings amounting to $7,869.71, is another formidable player in the Indian esports scene. At just 21 years old, his career is already studded with impressive accomplishments.

Rahul's victory at BLAST The Draft: Season 1 mirrors Bhavi's, clinching 1st place and bagging a $4,000 prize. His performance at Skyesports Grand Slam 2024 was equally notable, finishing 2nd and earning $2,500.

3. Elvis "Elvis" Eric Soans

Elvis "Elvis" Eric Soans, with total CS2 earnings of $5,169.71, has made notable strides in competitive gaming. His most significant earnings came from his 1st place finish at BLAST The Draft: Season 1, where he earned $4,000, showcasing his exceptional skills and strategic gameplay.

Elvis (Elvis Eric Soans)

Another considerable achievement was his 3rd-4th place finish at Skyesports Masters 2023 in CS:GO, earning him $5,267.85, demonstrating his versatility and competence across different titles in the competitive gaming scene.

Elvis's ability to secure top positions in prestigious tournaments has firmly established him as a prominent figure in the Indian CS2 community.

4. Garvit "EmbeR" Nehra

Garvit "EmbeR" Nehra with CS2 earnings of $4,772.81, has shown exceptional versatility across different titles, earning a total of $10,736.02 from 19 tournaments.

A standout moment in his career was his 1st place victory at BLAST The Draft: Season 1 in 2024, securing $4,000, which significantly contributed to his position on this list.

EmbeR (Garvit Nehra)

Additionally, EmbeR has shown his prowess in VALORANT, notably securing 2nd place at VCL 2023: South Asia Split 1 with a $1,600 prize. His achievements across multiple games highlight his adaptability and skill in the competitive gaming sphere, making him a notable figure in Indian esports.

5. Harsh "firedup" Jain

Harsh "firedup" Jain stands fifth with CS2 earnings of $3,896.90, contributing to his overall esports earnings of $13,947.70 from 17 tournaments.

One of his most significant achievements was finishing 2nd at Skyesports Masters 2023 in CS:GO, which added $7,750.40 to his earnings, showcasing his exceptional skill in high-pressure situations.

Additionally, his 2nd place finish at Skyesports Grand Slam 2024 in CS2, earning $2,500, demonstrates his continued relevance and competitive edge in the evolving landscape of CS2.

firedup (Harsh Jain

These top earners have not only showcased their incredible talent and dedication to CS2 but also set a benchmark for aspiring esports athletes in India.

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