PGL Copenhagen Major 2024 Pick'Em Guide: How To Play, Challenges, Rewards, Predictions


PGL Copenhagen Major 2024 Pick'Em Guide: How to Play, Challenges, Rewards, Predictions

Here is how you can attain the Diamond event coin.

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The Copenhagen 2024 Viewer Pass has been released, introducing multiple features like Pick'Em Challenge, Event Coin, Souvenir Tokens, and more.
Players will have a chance to upgrade the Event Coin and earn free Souvenir Tokens by completing the Pick'Em Challenge.
Here is the ultimate Pick'Em guide to help you through the PGL Copenhagen Major 2024.

The PGL Copenhagen Major 2024 is less than a week away and Valve has already released all items related to the tournament including the Copenhagen 2024 Viewer Pass which consists of the community favorite Pick'Em Challenge.

For the upcoming Opening Stage, Elimination Stage, and Playoffs of the tournament, Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) players, talents, and personalities have already started discussing and sharing their Pick'Em predictions.

However, before you go ahead finalizing your picks, here is a quick overview of what the Pick'Em Challenge is, how you can ensure a Diamond Event Coin, and also obtain all three free Souvenir Tokens in the process.

Pick'Em Challenge Guide for PGL Copenhagen Major 2024

Every Counter Strike Major Viewer Pass consists of something known as Pick'Em Challenge where users predict and pick teams that they think either have the potential to move ahead in the tournament or get eliminated.

This is the first time that Valve is providing players a chance to participate in Pick'Em without purchasing a Viewer Pass. All players with Prime status can make their predictions for free but they will not earn any rewards for it.

Those who are fully invested and want to experience everything will need to purchase the Copenhagen 2024 Viewer Pass.

  • Copenhagen 2024 Viewer Pass [Regular] - $10 | ₹795

  • Copenhagen 2024 Viewer Pass [3 Souvenir Tokens] - $18 | ₹1430

Upon activating the Viewer Pass, players will receive an upgradable Bronze Coin, a set of challenges to complete, chat flairs, and unlimited graffiti to use in-game for the duration of this tournament.

Copenhagen 2024 Viewer Pass

How to play Pick'Em in CS2?

The Pick'Em Challenge takes place in three parts according to the different stages of the tournament - Opening Stage, Elimination Stage, and Playoffs.

It is definitely not rocket science but predicting the teams accurately to complete the Pick'Em Challenge is no joke either. It requires a good understanding of all the competing teams and players, while a decision needs to be made based on both data and factual instinct.

Among the three stages, the first two are straightforward with users selecting 10 teams from a pool of 16 teams.

  • Two teams that could qualify with a clean 3-0 scoreline

  • Two teams that could get eliminated with a 0-3 scoreline

  • Six teams that could qualify with either 3-1 or 3-2 scorelines

PGL Copenhagen Major 2024: Pick'Em

As for the last stage, users need to create the entire single-elimination bracket consisting of eight teams. Here, they need to predict the winners of the quarterfinals stage, setup the semifinal faceoff, and then do the same for the grand finals as well.

How to Upgrade Copenhagen 2024 Coin?

Well, to answer it simply, players need to complete all the Pick'Em Challenges to upgrade their Bronze Coin to Diamond Coin.

In total there are nine tasks or challenges associated with Pick'Em, some of them are straightforward and mainly act as pre-requisites for the more difficult ones.

  1. Activate your Copenhagen 2024 Coin before the tournament ends.

  2. Place all 10 Pick’Em predictions for the Opening Stage before it begins.

  3. Get five correct Pick’Em predictions for the Opening Stage.

  4. Place all 10 Pick’Em predictions for the Elimination Stage before it begins.

  5. Get five correct Pick’Em predictions for the Elimination Stage.

  6. Place all seven Pick’Em predictions for the Playoffs before it begins.

  7. Place two correct Pick’Em predictions for the quarterfinals.

  8. Place one correct Pick’Em prediction for the semifinals.

  9. Make a correct Pick’Em prediction for the grand final.

All players will start with a Bronze Coin upon activating the Copenhagen 2024 Viewer Pass and the number of completed Pick'Em Challenges will determine how far this coin will upgrade.

  • Bronze Coin: Activate Viewer Pass

  • Silver Coin: Complete Three Challenges

  • Gold Coin: Complete Six Challenges

  • Diamon Coin: Complete Nine Challenges

PGL Copenhagen Major 2024: Viewer Pass and Coin

All Rewards for Completing Pick'Em Challenge

The main goal behind completing the Pick'Em Challenge is to receive the rewards associated with it. For every three tasks completed, the Event Coin will automatically upgrade for the user, this way they can take it from Bronze to Diamond.

Additionally, with each coin upgrade the user will also get a free Souvenir Token. A maximum of three can be obtained for free by completing all the challenges and several more can be purchased either as part of the Viewer Pass or even individually for the duration of this tournament.

  • Souvenir Token Price: $3 | ₹237

Souvenir Tokens are further traded for Souvenir Packages which contain unique CS2 weapons skins and stickers.

What Are Souvenir Tokens and How Are They Used in CS2?

Souvenir Tokens can be both bought and earned for free by completing Pick'Em Challenges. These can be redeemed in-game for a Souvenir Package from any match of your choice that are a part of the PGL Copenhagen Major 2024.

These generally contain unique map-specific CS2 weapon skins that are adorned with stickers of the teams that played in the selected match.

Players can use it on the map of their choice, the map on which their favorite team is playing, or a combination of both.

It is almost impossible to accurately predict all the picks, with only a handful of players getting everything correct in the Pick'Em Challenge. However, there are ways to get the best possible picks in place by taking suggestions and cues from various CS2 players, talents, and personalities.

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